Join Just Murah

We are a social enterprise which aims to help our local Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Our platform provides you with an opportunity to sell your products and services priced below RM99.99. 

We passionately believe that every entrepreneur deserves a chance.  Therefore we provide this platform, without any registration or annual fee, for local SME entrepreneurs, especially retrenched workers, female entrepreneurs, low-income groups, single mothers and special needs entrepreneurs to help them build a sustainable future.  We also accept other local SME entrepreneurs that need a platform for their business.

We also have exciting marketing and promotional activities that we plan to carry out throughout the year for all our vendors.  Among the activities are weekend bazaar, event booths, live programs on social media and many more.


Why Should You Join Us?

  • Registration is FREE !
  • No annual fees or any hidden fees 
  • We want to support local entrepreneurs like YOU and build a strong entrepreneurs community
  • We promote and market your products for you online & offline 
  • We carry out interviews, talks, Live FB for YOU 
  • We make being an entrepreneur further exciting
  • All the above at NO ADDITIONAL COST !


For premium products or services above RM99.00, kindly contact us directly at +6019-3512080.



Our Vendor Community

JK Fashion
Product Categories: Women's Wear
Popz Culture
Product Categories: Snacks & Bakes
Lankan Spice
Product Categories: Groceries
House of Maharanis
Product Categories: Women's Wear
M&M Textiles
Product Categories: Women's Wear
Sharon's Homemade Delights
Product Categories: Snacks & Bakes
Crafty Co. By Thila
Product Categories: Home & Living
Noto Honey House
Product Categories: Groceries
Top Soft
Product Categories: Home & Living
Batek By Rasta Rashid
Product Categories: Apparel
Suji Sweets Cakes & Chocolate
Product Categories: Snacks & Bakes
Mal's Kitchen
Product Categories: Snacks & Bakes
Malaysia Houseplants
Product Categories: Home & Living